English lectures

2022 – maart -juni Honorscours ‘Sustainability’, EUR

28 augustus 2021: Seminar ‘Resistance in times of eco-panic’, Design Academy Eindhoven, 13.00-14.30 uur, Academiegebouw.

2021 – maart juni Honorscours ‘Sustainability’, EUR,

2020 – 16 december, Dasein is co-design, Webinar/conversation, Technische Universität Graz, Institut für Architektur und Landschaft

2020 – maart -juni Honorscours ‘Sustainability’, EUR

2019 – maart/april: Honorscours ‘Sustainability’, EUR, met Jan Rotmans

2018 – maart/april: Honorscours ‘Sustainability’, EUR, met Jan Rotmans


– maart/april: Honorscours ‘Sustainability’, EUR, met Jan Rotmans.

– 26 oktober: ‘Media literacy’, Cinekid, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam.

– 24 november: Lecture: Embodiment and circular Valorisation, Symposium Refl(a)ctions on Art, Design and Performance arts, ArtEZ, Arnhem.


5 november: Seminar: Paradigmatic Visuals in performative Arts, ArtEZ Hogeschool, Arnhem.

– maart/april: Honorscours ‘Sustainability’, EUR, met Jan Rotmans.

– 16 januari: “Collapsology” in Reading/Symposium Collapsology, Willem de Kooning Academie Witte de With 2016. Met Lieven de Cauter.

– 26 februari: Keylecture “Dasein as design”. MCBW Lectures Bayern Design. München, Germany 2016.

– 20 april: ‘On Inequality’, jaarcongfres Cedo Nulli, EUR, Rotterdam.

– 21 juni: Keylecture “Rotterdam Skillcity and business ethics”. EBEN Notthingham Trent University, United Kingdom 2016.


– maart/april: Honorscours ‘Sustainability’, EUR, met Jan Rotmans.

-18/19 september: ’Dasein als design’ op symposium “Can design change society?”, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlijn 2015.

– 4 october: Panel voorzitter einddebat ‘Compassion Beyond Empathy’ op Buddhist Film Festival, Eye, Europe, Amsterdam.

– september: Bachelorscourse Double Degree ‘Ecophilosophy’, EUR, Dept. of Philosophy. (VIMEO)


– 9 mei: Interview and talk with Lama Jigmé, Phuntsok Chö Ling. Rotterdam: OT-Theater.

– maart/april 2014: Honorscours ‘Sustainability’, EUR, met Jan Rotmans

– 17 oktober: Keylecture “Art as public space”. Sofia, Bulgarije: IETM, international network for contemporary performing arts, 2014.

– 7 november: “Rotterdam Skillcity. Skill is will”. Hamburg: HafenCity Universiteit, 2014


– 20 september: Walking the Talk. Symposium The Idea of University, Utrecht: Centre for Humanities 2013.

– 25 oktober: Seminar met Stelarc, Rotterdam: Nieuwe Instituut, NAi 2013.


– 12 februari: Keylecture Symposium bij expositie ‘NijverHEDEN, Me Craft/You Industry’, Zuiderzeemuseum i.s.m. Premsela Stichting, Zuiderzeemuseum Enkhuizen 2012.

– 6 maart: Debat over werk en mens Gregory Bateson (Steps to an ecology of mind) n.a.v. de film met zijn dochter, CREA Amsterdam 2012.

– 31 mei: Debate “In between micropolitics and mesopolitics”, Henk Oosterling en Isabelle Stengers o.l.v. Sjoerd van Tuinen, De Unie, Rotterdam 2012.


– 4 juni: Keylecture “Honorable Copyright – Relational Authenticity in Japan and China”, Manifestation DMY, Premsela FoundationTempelhof, Berlin, Germany 2011.

– 17 augustus: Presentatie ‘Rotterdam Skillcity’, TedX Dordrecht, Dordrechts Museum, Museumstraat.

– 7 september: Key lecture “Rotterdam Skillcity: social design as design activism”, Annual Conference, Design History Society/Fundació Història del Disseny & Barcelona, Spain 2011.

– 18 oktober: Lecture ‘Addiction and Radical Mediocrity’, Bachelor European Public Health, vakgroep Health, Ethics and Society, Universiteit van Maastricht, Maastricht.


– 14 juni: Workshop ‘Skillcity and Deleuze’, symposium ‘Deleuze and Nomadic Methodologies’, Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis, Amsterdam.

– 13 juli: Deleuze and the City. Workshop for Policymakers. Symposium Connect, Continue, Create 12-14 July, The 3rd International Deleuze Studies Conference, Amsterdam.

2010 – 25 november: ‘On craftsmanship”, seminar met Richard Sennett, FutureLab, Amsterdam 2010.

– 26 november: “Craftmanship and Skillcity”. Symposium met Richard Sennett, Arminiuskerk, Rotterdam 2010


– 13 september: interview met de Oostenrijkse kunstenaar Hermann Nitsch, voor ‘Incubate’, Museum De Pont, Tilburg.

– 11 oktober: lezing ‘The Glass Age‘, European glass Symposium Scratching the Surface – Matters of Perception, Gemeentemuseum, Den Haag.

– 13 oktober: lezing ‘Circular continuity’ en interview met Lars Spuybroek, “The Ecology of Design: everything is made of something“, V2, Rotterdam.

– 3 november: lecture ‘Ecology and design’, Design Academy, Bergen Noorwegen 2009.


– 29 november: “Measuring the Monstrous. Rescaling Sloterdijk’s Grandiose Aesthetic Strategy” In Measuring the Monstrous: Peter Sloterdijk’s Jovial Modernity. With Eric Alliez, Thomas Macho, Henk Oosterling, Robert Pfaller, Bruno Latour, Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and Arts, Bruxelles,

– 8 december: Art and Politics Debat ‘Art and Politics’ in BAK Aula Universiteit Utrecht, 2007

2006 – 14 juli: Lecture “The circulus vitiosus of fundamentalisms. Or how to undo the noose that ties up power, greed and fear?” Key lecture International Conference The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Organizations and Demons, Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism (SCOS) XXIV 2006, 12-15 july, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.


– 26 november 2005: On fear. BAK, Utrecht

– 27 oktober: Moderation and debate Jessica Stern, “Terror in the name of God”, Kriterion, Groot Handelsgebouw, Rotterdam

– 5 februari: Lecture ‘Radical mediocrity and politics’ at Transmediale.05 BASICS, Berlijn 2005.

– 5 februari: “Radical medi@crity” and “Japanese Inter-Esse: ‘MA’ as In-Between” voor Transmediale.05 BASICS Berlin, 2005 Haus der Kulturen der Welt 2005.

– 6 juni: Organization Special panel “Co-incidental Cross-references” 6th June 2005 With: Ignaas Devisch, Ike Kamphof, Gijs van Oenen, Aukje van Rooden, Frans van Peperstraten, Marc Schuilenburg, Chiasmatic Encounters, IAPL 29th Annual Conference Helsinki Finland 2005.

– 7 juni: Lecture “How to remember Derrida?” Memorial Session on Derrida, “Co-incidental Cross-references” Chiasmatic Encounters, IAPL 29th Annual Conference Helsinki Finland 2005.


26 maart: Co-referate and debate with John Gray on Al Qaida and Modernity, RKS, Remonstrantse Kerk, Rotterdam.

– 5 mei – 1 juni: Initiative, Organisation and moderation special panel “The virtuality of form and the political” at IAPL 28th Annual Conference “Virtual Materialities” , Syracuse (USA) with Frans van Peperstraten (University of Tilburg), Aukje van Rooden (University of Tilburg), Ignaas Devisch (Artevelde Academy, Gent) and Marc de Kesel (Catholic University Nijmegen).

– 5 september: “How much body does dance need?” Debat met Xavier Le Roy, Ted Brandsen, Anna Tilroe, Maaike Bleeker en Henk Oosterling over het werk van Chrizstina de Chatel, De Balie, Amsterdam.

– 9 December: Moderation and debate Lecture 2004 for Wetenschappelijke Raad voor het Regeringsbeleid: “What future for political Islam? Dilemma’s and opportunities for the next decade”, Nieuwe of Littéraire Sociëteit Den Haag. With: Graham Fuller and Marcel Kurpershoek.

– 29 mei: ”Are Sumo fighters wrestling obesity? On practices of becoming-matter”, Presentation Mini conference THesis Rick Dolphijn: The Garden of Eating. Experiencing the Thoughts of Gilles Deleuze in cultural practices, Dept. of Philosophy, EUR,, with Paul Patton, Eugene Holland, Wim van Binsbergen, Leung Ping-Kwan and Patricia Pisters, 2004.

– 2-4 november: Lecture ‘Interculturalism’ at Eye to Eye. Global Conference on Cultural relations. British Counsil and Counterpoint, 2004, London.


– 31 oktober: ”The end of the body: Serial killing and mediatization” on the Conference ‘L’Anomalie: figure du tueur en série et imaginaire contemporain’, 30-10, 31-10, 1-11 2003, Université Concordia, Montréal (QC), Canada.

– 11 maart 2003: Debate on “Contemporary Iconoclasm”, Conference “Asymmetrical Conflicts: on the aesthetics, ethics, and politics of iconoclasm” Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht.

– 5 april: Debate on “Choreography and intermediality”, HKA Amsterdam.

– 27 april: Co-referate and debate with Tariq Ali “Moslems and Modernity” on his The Clash of Fundamentalisms, RKS, Remonstrantse Kerk, Rotterdam.

– 23 november Moderation and debate with Ahmed Raschid on “The Coming Jihads”, Rotterdam Art Foundation, Remonstrantse Kerk, Rotterdam.

2003 – 27 mei: Initiative, Organisation and moderation special panel “Rewriting Aesthetics: information, informe, informance” in IAPL 27th Annual Conference “Writing Aesthetics”, Leeds 26th May -1st June with Richard de Brabander, Piet Molendijk, Marc de Kesel and Awee Prins.


– 11 september: ”Media and Terror. One year after”, debate with Daoud Kuttab, Alison Cornyn en David Garcia on media presentation of the War on Terror after 911, Balie, Amsterdam, 2002.

– 10 oktober: ”Intermedial aesthetics”, lecture at La nouvelle sphère intermediatique IV, Ménoires et Médiations. Entre L’Europe et les Ameriques, Centre de recherche sur l’intermedialité (CRI), Montreal (Can) and planery video conference with Jean-Luc Nancy, 9-13 October 2002.- 1 november: ”Actual Intermedialitity and Inter-esse: Towards an Aesthetics of Existence”, American Society for Aesthetics, 60th Annual Meeting, University of Miami (USA), 30th October till 2nd November 2002.


– 4 mei: Philosophy & Arts, IAPL Atlanta USA, “The artificiality of life. Bacon’s art through the eyes of Bataille and Deleuze”, Symposium IAPL ‘Beginnings’, Atlanta, Spellman College, 2nd-6th May.

– 5 oktober: ”Performance, transformance, Informance. New Theatrical Concepts”, “Kroonjuwelen”, Münster Theaterfestival, Münster, 2001.


– 13 januari: ”Anaesthetics 0.1 Man as medium of all media?”, Napels/Vico, symposium “Turnings, Tournants, Svolte, Wendungen” Instituto Philosophia & IAPL, 2000.

– 10 april: ”Actual intermediality The Gesamtkunstwerk as lifestyle”, Symposium “Crossing Borders” State University of New York at Stony Brook, IAPL, New York 9 -13th May 2000.

– 8 april: ”New Theatrical Realities”, Taormina Sicilië, EU theatreprize, Theatergroep Hollandia, 6-9th April.

– 1 september: ”Theatre ‘Informe’. Hypocritical Reflection on Contemporary Theatre” op symposium “Postdramatic Theatre”, Universiteit van Antwerpen, Instituut Aisthesis, Antwerpen.


– 12 mei: ”Interesse, intermediality and transformance. How to get beyond Lyotard’s (post)avantgardism?” IAPL symposium Sites, Hartford (Connecticut) USA,1999.

– 3 november: ”New Economy – the redefinition of politics, citizenship and the subject”, symposum with Michael Hardt and Bert van Meggelen, V2, Goethe Institut, Rotterdam 1999.


– 9 maart 1998: ”Inter and the new media”, Cell, video-exposition SYNC, Pathé Rotterdam 1998.

– 30 mei: ”How to get beyond Lyotard’s post-Kantianism?”, symposium ‘The Kantian Turn. On Kant’s Critique of Judgement and its Influence on Contemporary Aesthetics”, Eyck-academie Maastricht, 1998.

– 9 juni: ”The Stooges. I rip you, you rip me”, moderation debate with Mike Kelly en John Sinclair, De Vlerk, Rotterdam 1998.

– 10 oktober: ”Choreography as a profession”, moderation Nederlandse Dansdagen, Maastricht 1998.

1997 – 21 november: “Towards an intercultural idea of sensus communis. On Lyotards ‘dissensus communis’ and the Japanse concept of MA”, symposium Intercultural Philosophy ‘Sensus Communis’, EUR, 1997.

1996 – 25 april.”The digital dimension” with Derrick De Kerckhove, SG EUR, Rotterdam 1996.

1995 – 20 november: “Prosecuting the witness”, presentation seminar with Hilary Putnam, EUR Rotterdam, 1995.


9 januari: ”The ideal place 5″ presentation and moderation forumdiscussion with Robin Winters, Pieter Laurens Mol en Art &Language, HCAK Den Haag 1994.

– 3 april: ”Ideal place 6″ presentation and moderation forumdiscussion with Ricardo Brey, Patrick Corrillon and JCJ VanDerheyden, HCAK Den Haag 1994.

– 20 maart: “Situationismus/Situationism. On Debord’s death” debate with Sadie Plant, RKS Zaal De Unie, Rotterdam 1994.

– 19 juni: ”Cruelty of the media: on Goya, Bacon and Witkin”, Rijksacademie Jan van Eyk, Maastricht, 1994.

– 10 september: ”The ideal place 7″, presentation and moderation forumdiscussion with Renée Green e.a., HCAK Den Haag, 1994.

– 23 oktober: ”The ideal place 8″ presentation and moderation forumdiscussion with Georges Descombes, Mark Lewis en Remy Zaugg, HCAK Den Haag, 1994.- 28 oktober: ”Russian Art”, De Appel, Amsterdam 1994.


– 8 mei: ”Lifestyle based on notions of resistance and physical exces: Georges Bataille and Michel Foucault”, 2nd Foucault-symposium, KUN, 1993.

– 29 oktober: ”Fascism, the looming shadow of democracy”, symposium ‘Philosophy and democracy in intercultural perspective/ Philosophie et démocratie en perspective interculturelle’, EUR, 1993.

– 28 november: ”The ideal place 4″, presentation and moderation forumdiscussion with Alfred Eikelenboom, Stephen Willats en Jan van Grunsven, Haags Centrum voor Aktuele Kunst, Den Haag 1993.

1989 – 10 maart: ”Oedipus and the Dogon: The Myth of Modernity interrogated”, symposium ‘I, we, body’, EUR, 1989.